Ohio City Burrito…locally owned, family owned & operated.

Ohio City Burrito started as a seed in the mind of Cleveland native Raymond Jeffrey Pizzuli and on September 12th of 2009 sprouted as a funky-fresh burrito shop in the city’s historic Ohio City neighborhood.  Jeff, an East Cleveland firefighter with a brain for business, had always dreamed of opening his own business.  He teamed up with his younger sister Michelle Pizzuli-a teacher and youth program coordinator at a local non-profit organization-to make this dream a reality.  Michelle gained experience in the restaurant industry while attending college in Missoula, Montana.  Each of the siblings had different sets of skills and knowledge that when combined gave them what they needed to make this happen.

Both Ohio City residents, Jeff and Michelle wanted to add to the already vibrant and unique business district in their community.  With many wonderful businesses already thriving in the neighborhood, the brother-sister duo thought a burrito shop would fill the need for a quick, healthy Mexican dining option.  With a lot of help from family and friends Jeff and Michelle began work in the quaint space on the corner of West 25th Street and Bridge Avenue.  Local high school students from Michelle’s former youth program (Esperanza, Inc.’s ELLOS-Esperanza’s Latino Leaders for an Outstanding Society) also volunteered their services and spent many hours cleaning up the shop and painting.  The beautiful Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired the unique artwork and style that creates a vibrant and warm atmosphere.  Individual tables at O.C.B. are known for their original artwork, painted by some former students of Michelle’s as well as friends and their niece and nephew.  Several of these students were hired as part of the original O.C.B. crew and in doing so gained their first work experience.  Many customers enjoy coming to Ohio City Burrito not only for the delicious food but also for the warm atmosphere and friendly service that sets it apart from larger chains .

The entire Pizzuli family helps out to keep this family business strong, whether it’s their father’s construction skills or their mother’s recipes and day to day help.  OCB is becoming famous for mama’s original Grandma’s Salsa, a uniquely sweet and delicious salsa!  Their other sister Tara also helps out at the restaurant when she is not working her other job…even her young children get right to work doing small tasks and brightening customers day with a smile.

Ohio City Burrito is essentially a burrito bar that offers a variety of Mexican favorites, such as burritos, tacos (crisp corn, soft flour or soft corn), a taco salad, loaded nachos and much more.  Customers make their way down the line as their meal is being built, choosing which of the menu options they would like to add or leave out.  OCB offers homemade guacamole and a variety of original salsas made fresh daily.  In addition to the salsa’s made in-house, OCB carries an array of unique hot sauces from local vendors (Narrin’s Spice, Herbs & Sauce in the West Side Market AND Blaze Gourmet at the Galleria).

Priding itself on superb service, an inviting atmosphere and a commitment to the community, OCB offers affordably delicious food.  OCB is frequented by residents from Ohio City and surrounding neighborhoods, professionals working downtown as well as visitors from Cleveland’s suburbs.  Both family owned and operated, as well as locally owned, Ohio City Burrito is an excellent addition to Cleveland’s Market District.