Ohio City Burrito

Local.     Family owned & operated.


To provide an unrivaled burrito-eating experience.


We believe in good food.
By using only the freshest ingredients and cooking all of our food from scratch each day, we are able to serve our customers tasty food that is also healthy. This starts with fresh ingredients. From the all white-meat chicken breast to our Certified Angus Beef Clod to the bone-in pork shoulder: all three are hand-rubbed with a unique blend of spices and oven roasted to tenderness so that they can be hand-pulled before making their way onto the menu. All of our salsas are made from scratch daily using fresh produce, as well as our guacamole, made with hand-mashed avocados. We believe that preparing all of our food fresh each day provides our customers with a great experience.
We believe in happiness.
It is our primary goal that each and every customer walks
away happy. We truly love working in the service industry. We love our customers! And every interaction within our restaurant is an opportunity to smile and make somebody’s day.
We believe in doing business in a sustainable manner.
We are committed to taking whatever steps we can to minimize our impact on the environment as well as enhance the local economy.  Each year we divert thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills and avoid tons of greenhouse gas emissions. By partnering with a local composting company, Rust Belt Riders, our food waste has been converted into a rich compost material that is used to enhance the soils of local gardens, contributing to a more robust local food system. We are firm believers in recycling, at work and at home. And we are dedicated to reinvesting in the local economy. We are proud to partner with many other Cleveland companies for many of our business needs. It has been an exciting journey growing with fellow small businesses, including Tortilleria La Bamba, Boutros Brothers Produce and The Ohio City Farm, to name a few.
We believe in our city.
As most folks in our city already know by now, Cleveland is a wonderful place to live, work and play. There is an energy here that cannot be found in every city.  Clevelanders are tough.  We are smart. We are adventurous. We are kind.  And we are lucky to be surrounded by some very energetic individuals and inspiring organizations. Over the last several years alone we have seen countless positive changes take place in our city, and gotten to know many of the inspiring people behind this change. Ohio City Burrito is proud to have community partnerships with Esperanza, Inc. and The Centers for Families & Children. We enjoy giving back to some of the many organizations igniting change throughout the city, including Near West Recreation, Global Ambassadors Language Academy, St. Ignatius High School, The Animal Protective League, Providence House and many, many more.