Not every burrito is created equally!

At Ohio City Burrito we strive to roll each burrito perfectly and uniformly using a superior rolling technique. If done right, each burrito should be tightly rolled and compact enough to eat on the go. No loose rolls here at OCB like you may experience at some big box chains. We take pride in our ‘rolling’ and even have a running competition amongst staff over who is the ‘King’ of rolling the best Silver Bullet. A Silver Bullet is, by definition, a perfectly rolled burrito. Both in tightness of the roll and shape and size of the burrito. Come see why OCB is home of the Silver Bullet!


How to Eat a Your Burrito

The correct method for consuming a mission burrito is to forgo utensils entirely and to eat with one’s hands. Use the foil as a supportive exoskeleton to facilitate burrito consumption, and begin the process by tearing an inch of foil down from one end, being careful not to bite into the foil with your teeth.