La Historia

Ohio City burrito was started by a former East Cleveland firefighter who really loved burritos, and his little sister who loved working with people and the community. Back in 2009, before Ohio City exploded into the food mecca it is today, Jeff and Michelle Pizzuli were living in a duplex south of Lorain Avenue, young in their careers as a fire fighter and an educator, respectively. One topic that always came up was where to grab a quick, affordable bite to eat without having to leave the neighborhood. At the time there were a few excellent dining options in neighborhood pioneers such as Great Lakes Brewing Company, the Old Angle, Nick's Diner and Nate's Deli. But most of these were sit down joints where you could grab a table with friends and spend some time. If you just wanted a quick lunch or dinner, counter-style service, options were pretty limited. So they got to talking.

Jeff had always enjoyed cooking for the fire house and had an entrepreneurial spirit. He figured, why not open up a burrito shop of our own? And so the story began of what some call "the best burritos in Cleveland."

Today, Ohio City Burrito has several locations in Cleveland, and dreams of feeding many more neighborhoods in North East Ohio.